Indigenous Peoples Sovereignty

In preserving human dignity among all peoples, we believe that it is important to realize that when a given culture gains ascendancy over all others, there remains a moral imperative towards the preservation and perpetuation of the eclipsed cultures, that a healthy cultural diversity might remain. Following are a number of organizations which enable us, as members of the dominant western culture, to share in that responsibility. These organizations support the rights of cultural self-determination by tribal indigenous peoples, as evidenced in the continued practice of traditional self-sufficient lifestyles and worldviews in the face of our monolithic technological civilization. Please extend to them your spiritual, moral, and as you are able, your financial support. Let us all stand together in opposing cultural prejudice.


Cultural Survival
Survival International
Center for World Indigenous Studies
Aboriginal Links International
Hunter-Gatherer Solidarity (FPCN)
International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs
Indigenous Peoples Survival Foundation
Forest Peoples Programme
League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations
Ishgooda Native Rights
South & Meso American Indian Rights Center
Nawa Institute Online
Abya Yala Net
Native Languages of the Americas
North American Tribal Governments
North "American Indian" History
Americans For Indian Opportunity
Red Feather Development Group
Native Energy, LLC
Aboriginal Connections
Manataka Council
The Tracking Project
Whispering Wind Magazine
Native Peoples Magazine
PowWows Listings
Coyote's Corner
Native Peoples' Web Ring
Native American Video Resources
North/Central American Indigenous Peoples Video Reviews
Vision Maker Video
Kifaru Productions
Indigenous Action Media
Native American Broadcast Video
Native American Public Telecommunications
American Indian Radio on Satellite
Native American Talk Radio Archives
Sleeping Buffalo Internet Radio
Aboriginal Youth Network
RedWire Magazine
Indigenous Peoples Literature
Leonard Peltier
Russell Means
1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie
Crazy Horse Memorial
Lakota Action Network
KILI Lakota Radio
The Lakota Fund
Northern Cheyenne Sand Creek Massacre Site Project
American Indian Trust Scandal
Repatriation Foundation
Six Nations Confederacy
Akwesasne Notes
Dineh Sovereignty
Black Mesa Indigenous Support
Black Mesa Weavers
Sacred Mountains Foundation
White Bison
Healing of Nations
Mongolia Solidarity
Tibetan Sovereignty
Campaign for Tibet
Tibet - Cry of the Snow Lion
Kurdistan Sovereignty
Kurdistan Video Documentary
Kurdistan Regional Government
Akha Heritage Foundation
Sami Links
Maori Web Portal
Yothu Yindi
Amanaka'a Amazon Network
Amazon Alliance
Amazonia Indigenous Peoples
Ecuadorian Amazon Confederation (CONFENIAE)
Nahua Sovereignty
Rainforest Action Network
Running Man Online
Aboriginal Mapping Network
Indigenous Environmental Network
Winona LaDuke / Honor the Earth
The Red Road

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