We at support the development of communities dedicated to personal freedom & independance via the practice of technological innovation & creativity in the crucial dual areas of Primitive Technology & Appropriate Technology ... is a web portal providing comprehensive access to a myriad of digital resources for proponents/adherents of both primitive indigenous & neotribal cultures.

The web portal represents the collective nonpolitical cultural & technological efforts of a number of distinct people groups, which are comprised of several categories, as follows:

Primitive Technologists, Historical Reenactors, & Experimental Archaeologists

Primitive Technologists are singlehandedly instrumental in recreating & maintaining a wealth of primitive technology lore which [without their efforts] would otherwise fall into cultural oblivion. Most notable are the types of highly developed primitive technologies which provided the infrastructure for tribal survival, in the areas of food, shelter, clothing, transportation, & music/art forms.

Primitive Technologists have a vested interest in the preservation & reinvention of ancient technologies such as logbuilding, tipi & yurt dwelling, wood heat & cooking, braintanning, natural textile & dye work, furniture & chestmaking, candlemaking, blacksmithing, muzzleloading flintlock firearms, primitive horsemanship, primitive weaponry, herblore, natural foods, massage, & other primitive lifeskills. The Living History or Historical Reenactor movements specifically showcase euro-american primitive technologies of the preindustrial or early industrial eras, while the Paleolithic Aboriginal movements specifically showcase global primitive technologies of the prehistoric eras.

Appropriate Technologists & EcoActivists

These are the people who design, market, & utilize advanced technologies which either are earth friendly or promote greater individual freedom via a human-scaled approach to survival. Technologies which promote centralized control of human beings or increase dependancy on monolithic institutions are the antithesis of those technologies embraced by Appropriate Technologists.

Appropriate Technologists have a vested interest in the preservation of the earth through the use of low-impact technologies such as solar/wind electricity, composting toilets, alternative construction, personal computers, human-powered vehicles, biofuels, & energy-efficient dwellings. EcoActivists engage in direct action defense of endangered ecosystems via the use of freedom of the press, legal action, & other appropriate means. The survival of the Earth's EcoSystem is equally dependent both on the engineering genius of the Appropriate Technologists & the heroic efforts of EcoActivists in minimizing the adoption of Earth destructive technologies.

Hippies, communal lifestyle practitioners, & other adherents of NeoTribal Culture

Hippies have long stood on the vanguard of cultural evolution within [euro-american] western civilization & have been central in the continuing integration of important worldviews such as environmentalism, cultural diversity, indigenous sovereignty, egalitarianism, nonviolence, decentralization, & tribal social structures into the greater culture. Hippies as a whole fundamentally function as sages of NeoTribal Culture to the predominant culture. CyberPunks, DeadHeads, & Ravers would be considered other more recent adherents of NeoTribal Culture.

Indigenous Peoples, Activist Anthropologists, & those in solidarity with them

We stand in solidarity with indigenous peoples planetwide & uphold their inherent human right to inhabit the lands of their ancestors, free from harassment or exploitation by other cultures with more "advanced" technologies. We oppose the practice of cultural assimilation [whether by force or manipulation], & hold the position that tribal peoples should be allowed freedom of choice in the adoption of those aspects of alternate technologies & social structures which are compatible with their worldviews. Activist Anthropologists & Indigenous Peoples also literally stand as the last line of defense in opposing the destruction of eclipsed human tribal cultures by the onslaughts of a monolithic global civilization.

The practitioners of these sociocultural movements inherently know that our current predominant lifestyles are ultimately non-sustainable & damaging to the human spirit, and are therefore compelled to seek healthy lifeways integrating both primitive & appropriate technologies. The majority of western civilization's current technologies promote overdependance on centralized sources & foster social alienation in both their acquisition & use. These technological & cultural forerunners [previously described] attempt to emulate historical models or provide viable new alternatives to the cultural void which characterizes our civilization at the beginning of the 21st Century. provides a one-stop informational website for all of these important technological & cultural resources, as well as facilitating enhanced cultural evolution via a healthy cross pollination between these various important people groups respectively.

Our goal at is to promote both alternative living models that others can emulate in reversing this mind-numbing monocultural trend, & to serve as a networking center in providing access to both the companies and organizations which share this vision. The coupling of free enterprise with emerging technologies fostering cultural independence in the acquisition of food, shelter, clothing, energy, information, & community will provide a cultural watershed for western civilization's thirsty inhabitants.

Come join us on the journey ...

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